Has your cassette tape become unraveled?


Do your nerves ever feel frayed at the edges? Do you ever feel not so “mellow?” HELL YES! you say? Me too.

Today I found myself on edge in the Big Apple. We went there to celebrate my son’s 17th birthday by seeing 2Cellos in concert at Radio City Music Hall. It was a magical Saturday night, everything we were hoping it would be. Then today happened.

My husband Chip and I were not the role model parents we wanted to be as we argued about where we should go (Empire State Building or Statue of Liberty?) This of course led me to be a sourpuss pretty much all day. I am not proud of how I acted. I kept trying to ground myself and reset, but kept getting foiled by the Sunday morning-after smells of streets recently partied on. I finally had us driving back home through the city, trying to negotiate the chaotic streets on the way to the Lincoln Tunnel. Unfortunately at one point the driver in front of me, while we were stopped for a red light, put on his hazards, got out of the car, and chose that moment to make a cell phone call. It didn’t matter that we were trapped helplessly behind him. To top it off he shouted something incomprehensible at my car and gestured in a matter unbecoming to gentleman of his age.

We finally made it home in one piece and my brain couldn’t settle. Where was the pencil that I needed to get the cassette tape organized and back on track?

That pencil was yoga. It took thirty minutes of stretching and breathing outside on my deck and I can say that while my tape still has little bends and folds that betray its recent escape and entanglement, it’s back in the case. I can always count on yoga.

So now I can relax a bit and think about the trip with perspective. We ended up seeing the Empire State building (Chip’s choice), and I’m glad we did.

K. Parmele, MD