Put yourself on your schedule

Make time for yourself. SCHEDULE IT ON YOUR CALENDAR before it gets filled up with trivial things. You may have to say no to some people, but they’ll get over it. You don’t need to volunteer for every after-school chaperoning event. Go for a walk or read a book instead.
-Indulge in some small pleasures. Get a massage (maybe every few weeks!)
-Schedule a regular, repeating date night.
-Stretch. Every day.
-Unplug, even for a small amount of time.
-Go outside into nature.
-Get a foam roller. Use it.
-Buy an outfit you love.
-Dress up and go out.
-Soak in the tub.
-Light a candle.
-Follow your passion– have you always wanted to play the guitar? Climb a mountain? Volunteer for Doctors Without Borders? Become an activist? Start right now. Make time for your passion and your universe will expand infinitely.