No Gym, No Weights, No Time, No Problem!

Do you find it hard to carve out time to exercise? Obviously you’re not alone. Lack of time is one of the main reasons that people give for not being able to get a workout in.  Sometimes 20 minutes is all you have, and at that point it feels like it’s not even worth it. BUT IT IS. Any exercise is better than no exercise, and when you do the circuits below, you may be grateful that you don’t have even more time!

Here’s what’s great about circuit workouts:

  1. They don’t take much time to do, but they kick your ass.
  2. You can do them in the comfort of your own home.
  3. You can complete an entire workout in the time that it takes to go to the gym and back.
  4. They’re free.
  5. They combine resistance, aerobic, and interval training all in one workout.
  6. YOU choose how long to go… 5 minutes? 20 minutes? 40 minutes of beast mode?
  7. They engage your core.
  8. They increase your lean muscle mass and decrease your fat mass, all while strengthening to prevent injury.
  9. You get to choose what music you listen to while doing them.
  10. You can do them anywhere… all you need is a flat surface. I don’t even wear shoes.

A study in the 1985 Journal of Applied Physiology showed that the best way to increase lean muscle mass and decrease fat mass is to incorporate both aerobic and resistance training in your exercise regimen.

Here’s a great Esquire article that can help get you started. Remember, the number of reps and time between sets is up to you.  I bet that even one set will get your heart rate up and make you a believer that this stuff really works!