Our Warring Self vs. Our Infinite Self

I personally have been moved to tears with this 12-minute meditation from Sarah Blondin. I have found myself in the ED, during a period of yet-another-task-to-be-completed-in-a-seemingly-impossible-short-period-of-time, angry at the next patient who asks one more thing from me. I find myself losing patience, losing compassion, blaming the patients for being there with their endless complaints, blaming the system for asking so much from me, and blaming myself for not being fast or resilient enough. Then I beat myself up for my negative thoughts. A vicious cycle, to be sure.
I’ve listened to this meditation several times and it inspires emotional growth, yet recognizes that these are natural feelings in all of us.  The pronouns are feminine, but the message is true regardless of your gender. If you’re inclined to, search for her other meditations as well. I haven’t found a bad one. This one, though, really fits my personality. I think it might fit yours as well. We went into medicine because we all, in some ways, have the warrior spirit inside of us. This often suits us well for doing our jobs, but not infrequently leaves us angry and emotionally and physically spent. Meditations such as this one help to recharge your batteries, refill your gas tank, and put the love and compassion back in.