If not now, then when?


"A string of todays. If not now, when?”

Today’s glorious weather, perfect for a few hours of cycling, reinforced the meaning behind yesterday’s reading in Mark Nepo’s "The Book of Awakening." How many of us have dreams and desires that we will “someday” get to, only to succumb yet again to the routine and comfort of our daily, well-worn habits? The COVID pandemic has brutally hit this fact home- we are not promised tomorrow. So many unfortunate people had hopes and dreams for 2020 and beyond, only to perish before they had the opportunity to see them fulfilled. The truth is that the only reality we have is the very one we’re living in right now, at this very moment. How are you living it? Fully open to all of the sensations and feelings and emotions and human connections? Or are you closed off, afraid to be hurt, waiting for the “right time” to connect with a loved one or go after you dreams? Close your eyes and fully imagine your feelings if that dream became a reality. Now take that excitement, that heightened energy and use it as momentum to take the first, small step. Maybe it’s buying a pair of running shoes, or signing up for voice lessons, or making that phone call, or posting your goal on social media in order to recruit a bunch of accountability partners. As the expeditioner W. H. Murray stated, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Speaking of which, I have a goal that I keep putting off. I want to write a book. There. That was my small, first step. Now you all are MY accountability partners. I have no more excuses.

If not now, when?