As I write my Harvard and Radcliffe Class of 1993 “Anniversary Report” for our 25th reunion I realize that I want to share it with you as well. Thanks for indulging me!

What have I learned in the last 25 years? I’ve learned that learning doesn’t stop. Even when it feels like I’ve reached a level of expertise in something, BAM! I find that I’ve only started to scrape the surface, and the depths of understanding elude me. This is true of my work as an emergency physician, my work as a wife of a pediatrician and mom of two teenagers, and my work in defining myself. Yet I persevere, because discovery is exciting, eye-opening, and makes for really good dinner conversation.

I feel that I’m on the way towards finding my “ikigai.” I’ve long been a meditative runner, needing many miles around the Charles River to clear my head. I’ve long been an avid eater and cook of all things Mediterranean (I am Greek after all!). And I’ve long been a fan of inspiration and motivation. I’ve decided to bring all of those things together to help healers in the medical profession regain our sense of balance and compassion when we feel overwhelmed in this new medicine-as-business model that we’re finding ourselves often trapped in.

I’ve found that meditation gives me the grounded space I need to be creative. I’ve found that in order to be able to complete endurance challenges such as marathons (13) and Ironman (3) it’s important to balance strength and distance with rest and yoga. I’ve found that eating a whole foods, plant-based diet heals my body faster than pharmaceuticals. I’ve found that massage and self-care is necessary but so often underused. I’ve found that physically spending time to connect with family and friends beats any screen time, any time (even in my LOUD Greek family!) I’ve found that keeping a marriage strong for over 20 years is hard work, but so worth it. And I’ve found that when I visualize my heart’s true desire and make space for it, real and lasting change occurs.

So much has happened in the last 25 years; it heartens me to know that the learning and the growing never stop. They just ebb and flow, like the evolving bouquet of red wine allowed to breathe. I wish you all an abundance of love, connection, and deep meaning in your lives. Be well!

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