NutritionAh, nutrition. You can't go a day without reading about this weight loss diet, that nutritional supplement, or the best fat burning pill in the history of pills. Adkins! Paleo! Gluten-free! Mediterranean! Vegan! No-Fat! High-fat! No carb! It's everywhere. We are bombarded by dietary advice, yet as a nation we are the fattest and unhealthiest that we've ever been. For the first time in history our children have a lower predicted lifespan than we do due to increased rates of childhood obesity.

Yet guess who doesn't talk about nutrition? Well, I'll tell you from firsthand experience that it turns out that doctors really don't talk about nutrition. Nutrition education hasn't been routinely covered by insurance and doctors don't get much nutrition training anyway. We end up dealing with the consequences of our patients' decades of bad choices and try to treat them with an entire pharmacy of medications to keep them from getting more broken.  Besides, who has time to cook, anyway?

Here we'll explore the scientific research behind nutrition and provide time-saving tips and recipes that will make you stronger and more resilient from the inside out. I'll share my CHEF Coach shortcuts that will help during those panic-stricken realizations of, "I don't know what to eat!" Click here: "Nutrition."