You may be interested in taking the next step to fulfilling your vision of becoming the Best You possible, but you may not know how to do so. Maybe you feel so overwhelmed with to-do lists that prioritizing yourself seems selfish. Or perhaps since you’re in the medical field you fear that reaching out for help actually implies that you’re weak. Let me assure you that you are not weak, and that coaching is a completely positive, fun, engaging experience in a safe environment that lets a client thrive.

My “Ikigai” is in helping medical professionals so that they can best help others. I started HealThySelf HealThyWorld as a completely ad-free, pro-bono site for sharing stories and helpful information for those of us mired in burnout and lack of motivation. Through this process I realized that I also want to inspire and motivate people on a more personal level, and obtained my Harvard CHEF Coaching certification (Culinary Health Education Fundamentals) and Wellcoaches Lifestyle Medicine coaching certification in order to do so. If you are interested in having me, an actively practicing physician, endurance athlete and culinary medicine aficionado work with you on-on-one, then please visit my other site: