Coaching for healthcare heroes

Coaching for Healthcare Heroes


Working on the front lines as a medical professional during this COVID pandemic takes stress and burnout to a new level. Beyond our obvious significant concerns over the health and wellbeing of our patients, we now have to worry about repeatedly exposing ourselves and our loved ones to a potentially deadly disease that is still not fully understood. We are all affected because we are all vulnerable. It is normal to feel fear and anxiety. If you are a frontline medical professional and need someone to talk to, fortunately now there is help. WiseHer that has partnered with Wellcoaches to provide up to three months of free coaching calls for emotional and mental support. This is open to physicians, nurses, techs, or first-responders. As a certified Wellcoaches health and wellness coach (and practicing night-shift emergency physician) I have signed up to do my part and be one of the coaches. If you know someone who could benefit from this valuable free service please share, and THANK YOU!